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Project Description

RoboZZle is an addictive robot-programming puzzle game, available at This project contains a part of the server-side RoboZZle code.

Setting up your environment to contribute to RoboZZle

  1. Visual Studio 2008: If you don't have some version, install Visual Web Developer 2008 from
  2. Sql Server 2008: If you don't have some version, install SQL Server 2008 Express from
  3. Source control:
    1. If you have a regular (non-Express) Visual Studio version, you probably want to install AnkhSVN plugin for source control.
    2. VS 2008 Express does not support source control plugin. Instead, install TortoiseSVN.
    3. The subversion path is
  4. Create and populate Robozzle database
    1. Start Sql Management Studio
    2. Connect to your local Sql Server instance. If you installed Sql Server 2008 Express, the server name should be "localhost\SQLEXPRESS"
    3. Right-click "Databases", choose "Restore Database"
    4. Set "To database:" field to "Robozzle"
    5. Choose the "From device" checkbox, and navigate to the path to App_Code\robozzle.bak in the RobozzleWeb project
    6. Click OK
  5. Note that for most players in the database, their username is the same as their password.
  6. Finally, be warned that much of the code was hacked together quickly to get the game up and running. Keep that in mind if you are having trouble understanding the code. ;-)

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